The Company

Stablished May 12th, 1981, Flor da Moda – Confecções, S.A. started out as a small family clothing manufacturer focusing on the production of women´s garments.

It was crucial to make Flor da Moda a reference in the clothing manufacturing industry to implement a high level of specialization and suitable and up-to-date technological systems and tools at the workforce service.


Fast and efficient response to the market demands extraordinary excellency on the products.


Being in the market as a highly qualified service supplier company, it is our goal to maintain the excellency in service and products focusing in the constant training of our coworkers and investment in cutting-edge technology.


The respect for the stakeholders, for the community and the environment are our values, defining our actions and procedures.

Human Potential

The success of any company depends on its human resources. As such, people are our main investment, in their skills and abilities development, promoting a solid and long-lasting corporate culture.


We operate in accordance with a moral compass, based on a family-rooted administrative framework which guarantees the integrity and respect for all our employees, customers and suppliers, in a total transparency system.

Open to Change

Constant market changes driven by technological advances require our company to adapt, offering versatile and efficient business models to meet customer needs and deal with market volatility.

Growth and Sustainability

The business choices and management aim to look to the future and anticipate the internal and external needs, leading Flor da Moda towards a long term sustainable success.

Social responsability

We see social responsibility as a corporate duty, so we work to contribute to the improvement of the society in which we operate. Our conduct is guided by social and environmental concerns and sustainable development policies.


Innovation is a key element for the success of companies today, allowing the search for creative solutions, the development of differentiated products and services and the adaptation to constant changes in the market.