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Flor da Moda Confecções SA is fully aware that innovation is a differentiating factor within the textile industry and the extremely competitive market in which it operates.
As such, the company has been investing heavily in cutting-edge technology for all its departments:

  • In the fashion design department which is equipped with the Kaledo System, supported by the Modaris Lectra software in the modeling sector;
  • In the cutting department which uses a Lectra automatic cut system (4 cutting tables simultaneously);
  • In the storage and distribution department which is equipped with a rack transportation system with a capacity for around 500,000 items;
  • The entire production area is served by an Eton Systems overhead conveyor belt (originally designed for the mass production of automobiles and aircraft);
  • The purchase, management and storage of buttons, zippers and all types of accessories is dealt with by the Kardex Shuttle system.

Competitiveness in the Details

Flor da Moda Confecções SA is proud to present a daily production of four thousand pieces of clothing, a result of ongoing investment in critical differentiating factors of our business plan.

Some of the most noteworthy factors vitals to our competitiveness include:

  • Epaulet machines for blazers and coats;
  • Machine for pleating sleeves;
  • Blazer lapels with pic pic;
  • Automatic pocket making machines (ensure greater productivity and uniform quality, particularly in the case of large orders);
  • Automatic tacking machines (help boost productivity considerably);
  • Zig-zag machine (decorative details);
  • Invisible seams;
  • Rotating thermal binding machine;
  • Strict fabric monitoring process (significantly reduces the number of returned products).

These differentiating factors, combined with an experience of over 30 years, gives us a huge competitive accuracy in the timing of response to an order.

Focused on innovation, on the uncompromising quality of its products and on a solid management and without intermediaries, Flor da Moda Confecções SA has a modern and cosmopolitan fitting in all the products produced, readjusting them according to nationality and bodies of each consumer.

Differentiating factors

Competitiveness in the Details