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Full Price/FOB

The company Flor de Moda SA provides a high-quality service in the production of women's clothing, specifically trousers, jackets, dresses, skirts, tops, coats, blouses and all types of fashion accessories from purses, belts, footwear, sunglasses, scarves, kerchiefs, neckpieces, etc../sys. We favour both the more casual or laid-back clothing sector and a classic and sophisticated style, providing unique solutions in accordance with the profile and requirements of each customer.

We seek the excellence of the raw materials we use and of the finishes of each piece produced. The company easily adapts to the constant demands of different customers and quickly sorts out innovative solutions in terms of design, materials, accessories and fabric finishing techniques.

We propose a personalized support service throughout all the production process and we also offer services of our design department, regarding the design and modeling of new models.

In this department, we are endowed with highly skilled professionals, focused on providing a variety of models and options to customers. Our main objective is to achieve effective and efficient all the goals of the client, looking for options that best serve their interests and their needs.

Differentiating factors

Flor da Moda Confecções SA is proud to present a daily production of four thousand pieces of garments, result of an ongoing investment in critical differentiation factors, including human resources, design, styling, modeling, production operations, storage and distribution, technology, marketing and information systems.

30 years of experience in the textile sector and the creation of a vast portfolio of international customers and a significant impact on the market in the form of highly prestigious brands in the different countries has resulted in Flor de Moda SA guaranteeing attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process, efficiency with regard to meeting delivery deadlines, and a perfectionist culture for the 400 direct and 200 indirect employees (all of which work exclusively for the company).
In addition to this long experience and know-how with fabrics, the company also invest in technological knowledge to be able to respond to all kind of order. This is the result of a continued investment in the critical factors of production (cutting edge technology, skilled human resources and the best raw materials).

Therefore, the company Flor da Moda Confecções SA stands out by the competitive accuracy of the response timing to an order, focus on innovation, on a solid leadership without intermediaries, on the design and on the total quality of the products with a modern fitting, refitted according to the nationality and bodies of each consumer.

Competitive Advantages da Empresa

  • 30 years of experience in the fashion industry;
  • Always looking for the main fashion trends presented in the most important fairs of the sector;
  • Textile production adaptable to all types of garment and a wide range of fabrics from the most delicate such as voile, cupro, silk and tencel to the most hardy such as denim, velvet, wool and leather
  • Vast experience and production capacity for a wide range of products in sets of 5, 7, 8, 10, 12 and 24
  • We present several options of fabrics and fittings according to the demands of the market and the clients;
  • An integrated service of excellence (purchase of raw materials, design, samples, production, packaging, labeling and distribution) based on the sharing of expertise;
  • We fully satisfy customers needs by presenting products with excellent quality and with short delivery times;
  • Strict compliance with delivery deadlines (a maximum of 4 weeks from confirmation of the order and delivery of the goods to the customer);
  • Selection of the best raw materials;
  • Cutting edge technology;
  • Innovative capacity and continuous investment in cutting-edge technology;
  • Strategic consultancy services in the quest for the best solutions for the customer and maximum efficiency throughout the production stages;
  • We boast highly motivated and skilled teams to deal with all kinds of challenges, both in the areas of fashion design, modeling, samples and collections, and in production, packaging and distribution.

Production Models

    The choice is yours! One of the most important values of our company since the beginning of our activity is the enormous adaptability of our production model.
  1. Full Price / FOB (Free on Board) Model

    The production system Full Price / FOB allows us to control the entire process of production of the piece: from ordering/buying fabric/choice of accessories to the cutting/production/packing/shipping of the final product. Above all, we aim to relieve the pressure on customers, who can target their efforts for final product marketing.
  2. CMT (Cut, Make & Trim) Model

    When the customer opts for this model, they assumes responsibility for the execution of the design and choice of materials. Flor da Moda assumes cutting, fabrication and control of the final products.
  3. CM (Cut & Make) Model

    Because some customers prefer to assume responsibility and control of the entire process of production, we also work according to the CM model, offering all working conditions as well as quick implementation in the shortest time of any necessary corrections.

What we Offer

Full Price/FOB
Differentiating factors
Production Models