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What we Offer

The company Flor da Moda Confecções SA provides a high-quality service in the production of women´s clothing, specifically trousers, jackets, dresses, skirts, tops, coats, blouses and all types of fashion accessories from purses, belts, footwear, sunglasses, scarves, kerchiefs, neckpieces, etc../sys. We favour both the more casual or laid-back clothing sector and a classic and sophisticated style, providing unique solutions in accordance with the profile and requirements of each customer. We seek the excellence of the raw materials we use and of the finishes of each piece produced. (+)

What set us apart from the Competition

Flor da Moda Confecções SA is proud to present a daily production of four thousand pieces of garments, result of an ongoing investment in critical differentiation factors, including human resources, design, styling, modeling, production operations, storage and distribution, technology, marketing and information systems. (+)

Production Stages

Styling and Samples

The entire production process starts in this sector, a department thought to join the main critical mass of business (human resources, machinery, know-how, experience). We can create in a maximum of four weeks, entire collections , while maintaining the same levels of quality.


After being designed the first drawings and after the production of the first sample, it becomes imperative to study the better shaping and fitting for that product and also to optimize the use of the fabric according to the ordered quantities. With the best technology and with a very experienced team used to follow the wishes of each client, we can provide, in a short time, the best quality/price solution for the requested product.


The cutting sector is absolutely vital to our competitiveness. With an automated cutting Lectra Systems, we are able to cut in 5 tables simultaneously with the same guarantee of quality, accuracy, efficiency, marking and cutting. For more detailed pieces, we also have a system of manual cutting which allows us to align the stripes or the plaid of the fabrics.

Packaging and Shipping

All our production is organized into groups in order to improve the flexibility of our work. Moreover, using the air system from Eton Systems (system originally designed for mass production of automobiles and aircraft) allows us not only to reduce downtime, as well as controlling the real time of all productive tasks. Once produced, our warehouse handles the packaging of the pieces.

Quality control

Since the company is equipped with the best technology and with highly specialized human resources, we often highlight that our quality control starts with the choice of the best raw materials (fabrics, buttons, threads, applications). This is complemented with the use of the best manufacturing methods and several control mechanisms at different stages of production (analysis of fabrics, raw and dyed knit, passing through the fields of cutting and production and finishing with packing and shipping).


The quality and durability of Flor da Moda products has been recognized by all our customers for over 30 years of existence.

Besides a very tight control, we also make robustness tests (to light, respiration, friction), numerous washing tests, tests for pilling, dimensional stability test, resistance test, measurement pH; weigh/m2 test, etc../sys, all done internally, in addition to collaboration with other national and international laboratories.




Flor da Moda launches new website

Modern, dynamic and focused for internationalization: this is the new website of the company Flor da Moda. (+)

The company Flor da Moda highlighted in the press

Read the full interview published in the Correio da Manha post of 23 September 2011 and discover the family behind the company Flor da Moda. (+)

Showroom in Lisbon opens with new look

The showroom of the company Flor da Moda has been remodeled and is now a modern and elegant space. Situated in the portuguese main city and a few kms from Lisbon International Airport, this is the ideal place for business meetings, presentation of new collections to customers and also ideal for training. (+)

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